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We are especially interested in promoting good health and preventing illness. The following are some preventative health issues:

Smoking – we strongly encourage a no smoking policy. Quit smoking is supported by all staff and we are happy to assist you in any possible way. This is no doubt that smoking is a health hazard.

Vaccination & Immunisation – we strongly encourage all children to keep their immunisation up to date and this can be arranged through the doctor. We also support immunisation of all adults against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, Hepatitis A/B, human papilloma virus (HPV), influenza, pneumococcus and shingles. Covid-19 vaccination is also available.

Cholesterol – It is important to have this checked, particularly if you have a family history of heart disease, have diabetes or smoke.

Cervical Screening Test -This test detects a virus (HPV) plus change in the cervix (neck of womb), before cancer develops and so can be treated early. It is recommended that all women between the ages of 25-74 have cervical screening test every 5 years, unless otherwise advised by the doctor.

Breast examination – Breast self examination should be performed by the woman every month, annual breast examination should be performed by the doctor annually and mammogram should be performed every 2 years (especially women over 50 years).

Blood Pressure – High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. All adults should have their blood pressure checked yearly or more often if it has ever been raised.

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